Certain trends in Philosophical Taoism regard the Chinese concept of "wu-wei" ("effortless action") as being seemingly paradoxical; actions presuppose an effort to act on part of the actor. A particular interpretation that I find illuminating, however, is when one becomes one with the Tao, the dichotomization between the two ceases; this analogy can (and does) equally extend to the individual and the natural world as well. In the context of "wu-wei," this indicates that there is no longer a distinction between the actor and the action; when one completely becomes an action, the sense that it is an action is lost. Thus, an "effortless action" is truly no action at all - there is no longer a duality dividing the two. I like to think of this understanding within the context of brewing: the distinction between brewer and brewing ceases to exist; the ritual act becomes an inner and outer expression of one's being. In a larger, and much more profound, scheme, this extends to the relationship between brewing and the natural world. Wu Wei Brewing is a blog about finding my niche within the fine art of brewing, as well as engaging various local, national, and global issues regarding sustainability and the environment, among other things - all within the context of brewing beer. As you read along, it is my hope to demonstrate that this truly is a wonderful "philosophy to brew by!"